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Who We Serve

Our team works with a broad range of clients, from individual families to sizable businesses, primarily in West Virginia but throughout the region as well.

No matter what stage of life you’re at, we can help you strengthen your financial future.

In addition, we serve some specialized groups of clients as well, including:

Women at All Stages of Life

Women at All Stages of Life

Sarah Neff has made it a passion and focus to support women who are managing their finances on their own. Our team understands the unique advantages and the complex challenges women face with their financial needs strive to provide insight and clarity to help them feel empowered to make informed decisions.


We’re also strongly connected with the community of West Virginia women business owners, through our work with EmpowHer in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners

Tony Mazelon has personal experience in venture capital – having started, bought and sold businesses during his career. Whether you own a family business, startup, or a complex organization, our team works in collaboration with our Baird Business Owner Solutions and retirement plan professionals to create a financial roadmap that makes sense for you and your organization and prepares you for the next chapter.

At the end of your career, whether you're turning off the lights, transferring your interests internally, or selling the business outright, we can help you find a solution that benefits everyone involved.


[ Market Volatility ]

The gyrations of the stock market have made me very nervous. How should I deal with it?

There are two ways we approach these kinds of fears. First of all, we’ve been investing in the markets for a very long time, so no matter what kind of landscape we’re in, we can look back to an earlier period and say, “This is what happened then, and this is how things turned out, and this is what we learned from it.” That gives us a roadmap to dealing with the current situation.


And then there is the emotional aspect of it. By talking you through what’s happening, we can help alleviate your fears and make sure your decisions are being made for rational reasons, not emotional ones.

[ Retirement Planning ]

How will I know if I have enough money to retire on?

The time to address this question is long before you retire. We start thinking about your retirement plans while you’re still working, including estimating how much cash you’ll be spending, taking into account such things as home ownership and medical care.

Then, we structure your investments and income so that you are on the right track to meet those needs­ - decades before you will make use of that money.

[ Staying on Track ]

I’ve been working with a financial advisor but I’m not sure my plans will cover the retirement I hoped for. How can I be sure I’m on the right track?

We offer a complimentary second opinion on your existing financial plan, no matter who they’re from and with no commitment necessary. With her background in operations, Sarah Neff has a keen eye for reading financial statements and can cut through to exactly what they are conveying.

You can also get access to the Mazelon Chambers Neff Group’s expertise through Josh Chambers’ monthly financial segments on WSAZ NewsChannel 3.